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Get rid of those shower curtains and replace with a sliding glass door

Sliding glass shower doors Sacramento

If you have a standard bathtub and shower, chances are you use a vinyl shower curtain or sliding shower door to keep your bathroom from getting wet when you take a shower. As you have probably noticed, shower curtains do not completely keep your bathroom clean.

With sliding shower doors and bathtub doors from Shower Door Sacramento, you do not need to worry about ugly sliding doors and shower curtains. You can take your shower in peace and comfort, finally able to use the full space of your bathtub without trying to avoid your vinyl shower curtain or old sliding doors.

Another advantage that a sliding glass shower door has over a shower curtains is cleanliness. A vinyl shower curtain remains wet for a very long time. Usually after a shower you will push the curtain aside to get out, and then leave it there. This means that all the water that got on your shower curtain while you showered is still on the vinyl shower curtain, and this provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

A sliding glass shower door, on the other hand, does not have this problem. After you turn off your shower, you simply take a squeegee and remove the water from the interior of your sliding glass shower door, and there is no further problem with water. A sliding glass shower door is extremely easy to keep clean and sanitary, and also looks cleaner and more elegant than a vinyl shower curtain. We offer many different styles and designs for sliding shower doors as well as custom sliding glass doors
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