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Shower Door Hardware

Towel bars: We offer the most beautiful and custom towel bars you can imagine. Choose the towel bar that fits your style the best, including; glass, chrome, gold, bronze and many more.

Frame options: We offer the most extensive options for your framed shower door, including; standard header frames as well as euro frames and many more. Feel free to stylize your frame shower however you see fit, choose from options such as gold frames, bronze frames, and many more.

Handles and handle bars: Handles and handle bars for your shower come in many different options. Depending on the style the best suits your needs you may choose between sculpted, Victorian, crescent, and even Mitered Shower door handles and knobs. Our knob options include traditional, contemporary, ring, and even euro.

Metal finishes: We offer custom shower door frame paint colors on a per request basis. Our standard shower door glass and metal finish options include bright silver, Bright gold, brush nickel, white paint, and bronze paint. Stylize your glass how you see fit and choose from clear, bronze, gray, rain, rolled glue, and even smooth the rough glass options.

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