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If your shower is a nonstandard size or you are looking to build and entire custom bathroom, do not fret. We can do a custom glass shower door for you as well. Simply give us the accurate measurements for your shower, and we will make sure that your custom glass shower doors are designed to fit perfectly.

One of the common custom shower doors requests we get at Shower Door Sacramento is for a glass double shower door, which simply is able to open extra wide. This feature is extremely useful to people with limited mobility and handicap, as it gives you plenty of room to get in and out of your walk-in shower.

If you require any kind of assistance to get around, and if you want to live with maximum independence, our glass double shower doors are a great custom glass shower door, with which you will definitely be pleased. Also, glass double shower doors are not only for customers who are handicapped or have limited mobility. Glass double shower doors and other kinds of custom glass shower doors are also enjoyable by a wide variety of customers of Shower Door Sacramento, as they allow for easy access to the shower and because they look striking and elegant in any bathroom.|

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